EMEPA Reports No Outages From Wintry Weather

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Meridian, Miss With the possibility of northern counties receiving up to an inch of ice, EMEPA was preparing for a worst case scenario ice storm. EMEPA is pleased to report that it was there preparations weeks in advance that might have made a difference as they had no outages reported from this storm. We always see power crews on the roads cutting trees away from the power lines, and its because of this why they believe they saw no outages.

Julie Boles, the communication manager for EMEPA, says “We were prepared for a worst case scenario for outages last night and into this morning. Fortunately, we have no outages to report as a testament to our right-of-way crews, because the biggest threats during ice storms is not only ice accumulating on the lines but trees falling on power lines. There maintenance year round helps prevent things like that which we saw last night."

There work isn't done just yet, a possible round two of wintry weather threatens the area again tonight. Although its not expected to be as bad as Monday night, EMEPA is still keeping all their crews on stand-by in case it's the second round that causes the problems.

Boles says "In preparation for a possible second ice event tonight if things were to ice over, we still have crews and equipment ready and on stand by and we are available 24 hours a day. If you experience an outage give us a call at 601-581-8600"

Some forecast are calling for an additional quarter inch of ice for Winston and Noxubee County. Even with that forecast, emepa is still hoping that preparations made weeks ago in tree trimmings will continue to play a role in keeping the power on.