Eagle Day at NAS Meridian

Training squadron 7 hosted its annual Eagle Day Thursday at NAS Meridian.

Eagle day is a day for military spouses to experience some of the tasks their naval aviators go through on an everyday basis. The spouses got to dress in flight suits, go up in the air traffic control tower, visit the paraloft and even fly in a simulator flight.

"It was very realistic," said Abby Gates of Missouri. "I mean, I could see why they use it for training. It was a lot of fun but we weren't doing anything real, just trying to bomb things and land."

"We went over to the RDO to watch the planes land on the aircraft carrier," said Stevie Clark of Florida. "I just thought that was pretty awesome and they just go in so fast and they take off, so it's pretty incredible to know what our husbands do."

"This is a great opportunity for us to be able to interact with the student pilot wives that students are going through the training. It's for us so that we have been a little more seasoned because we've been in the fleet a little bit long so it's an opportunity for us to share our experiences with them," said Dawn Prebula of Colorado.

Eagle Day is held to show appreciation for all the support the spouses give to those in uniform and the entire base.