East Central Celebrates Black History Month

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East Central Community College celebrated Black History Month on campus on Wednesday evening.

Students, parents and staff members gathered at the Vickers Fine Arts Center for the program with a theme of "honoring the past and inspiring the future." The keynote speaker was Pastor Marcus Mann, a former NBA player and alumnus of East Central. Mann says he wants to inspire the students to go for their dreams. As the father of a 12-year old, Mann says it goes back to the parents to set the standards.

"There comes a point when we sit down as a family, we talk, she sets goals for the week, and I make sure that she's on track to complete those goals," Mann said. "Because that's the age that you instill those values in them. But we are in a generation of young people who have no goals. Values are gone and it's simply parents have let down their guards. "

The East Central gospel choir also performed during the program.