Easter Egg Hunt

Just in time for Easter, city officials in Meridian are making last minute preparations for a huge annual event. The city's annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held Saturday, March 30th in Highland Park. More than 400 children are expected to participate.

"We'll be hiding 3,000 eggs," says Meridian Parks and Recreation Director, Mark Naylor. "All of them are candy filled, but then over 100 of them have got prizes labeled in them. So, if they win a prize they go and claim it at our prize headquarters. We'll have a lot of cotton candy, popcorn and free rides on the carousel hidden inside the eggs. So, they won't leave here empty handed. There's something for everyone."

The city's Easter Egg Hunt will start at 10 AM at Highland Park. Children 3 to 10 can participate. There is no cost to take part.