Eastern Gardens Shooting Update

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"I saw her running with the baby in her arm, and I was like 'Who could have shot the baby like that?'"

"I heard gunshots, and I ran out to the door, and I saw people running that way (away), so I went back in for a minute, and as soon as people started coming back this way, I went across the street."

That was the horror Eastern Gardens residents witnessed Monday night as they ran outside their apartments after hearing gunshots, and this time an innocent child was caught in the middle. A 23 year old mother and her 10 month old infant were walking outside at the Eastern Gardens Housing Complex when they were hit. The mother then handed the child over to a city employee working on one of the buildings, and both were later transported to Anderson Regional Medical Center. The mother has since been treated and released, but the baby was taken to a specialist.

Captain Dean Harper with the Meridian Police Department says that, "The 10 month old child was taken to Batson over in Jackson just to make sure everything was ok. The last word we got was that the child is going to be fine."

Eastern Gardens held a community meeting Tuesday afternoon to address the shooting last night, and the crime problem that has been plaguing the area for some time, and that problem has some of the residents scared to leave their apartment.

Eastern Gardens resident Johnny Holloway says that, "It makes me afraid to walk outside my door at night."

While resident Debbie Toole believes that, "It's getting worse and worse everyday. It's getting worse and worse. It's just not comfortable in your own place."

However, there is one thing that police and residents alike agree on, and that's that someone out there knows who's responsible, and they want them to tell what they know.

"This time a 10 month old child was shot, yet no one will step forward and speak to us."

As far as solving the crime problem in Eastern Gardens goes, one resident says that more needs to be done.

"We need security real bad because we have children running around here every day."

No suspects have been named.