Eating Your Fruits and Veggies

Lauderdale County School District is trying to curb childhood obesity by having students eat more fruits and vegetables, and students have eaten more than the required amount which is a great sign to officials.

Kaye Mayatt, nutrition director for the district, says, "We've seen quite a bit of increase this year by going to where the child has to have a fruit or a vegetable. We have had a really big increase in our fruits and vegetables which is a good thing."

The school has already cut fat out of many of their foods by baking them.

"All of our meats are baked. We took our fryers out of our schools four years ago, and everything we use is baked, so we've cut fat there, and the children have not complained," Mayatt tells us.

Students have several options each day of fruits and vegetables to pick from, making the requirement easier for students to meet.

"Since we are an offer versus served district, we have to offer at least a half a cup of fruits and vegetables daily," says Mayatt. "Now when the child comes through the line, he or she has to have at least a half a cup of fruit or a half a cup of vegetables before they can leave the line."

With the new minimum requirements students have for their lunches, they must have at least one half a cup of a fruit or a vegetable in their lunches. However, school officials are urging students to make healthier choices by being able to select up to one cup of fruit and one cup of a vegetable for their meals during lunches.