Education Reform Debate Expected

Mississippi lawmakers will start the new year with a new session in Jackson on Tuesday.

Representative Greg Snowden of Meridian says there will be a lot on the table. The focus will be education reform. Snowden says he expects vigorous debate about teacher pay, third-grade reading guarantees, and a proposal for charter schools, for which he expects broad support.

"It's going to be a bill that provides for a limited number of charter schools, probably beginning in areas that are ranked 'D' or 'F' districts," Snowden says. "Kids in those districts are crying for help. We have an obligation to find away to improve their situation. One of those is to improve school choice. We've seen experiences in many states. Florida, Indiana, the city of Memphis has a lot of new charter schools. It's an innovation that most states embrace. "

You can hear more from Snowden on this week's edition of On the Record with John Johnson. That airs Sunday at 5:30 p.m. on WTOK-TV.