Eight Days of Hope Responding to Tupelo

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A faith-based non-profit group is looking for volunteers to help rebuild parts of Tupelo destroyed by an Apr. 28 tornado.

Eight Days of Hope announced Friday its plans to assist in Tupelo July 12-19.

The Mississippi group has come to the rescue in many disasters over the years, starting with Hurricane Katrina.

Chris Short, the Meridian-area leader, says volunteers with construction skills are needed, but there are many other ways to help.

"We find that what we end up serving is the under-served. People who either didn't have insurance, or in certain instances, didn't have the right insurance or enough insurance," said ambassador, Chris Short. "And those are the people who we come along to help. You know, scripture tells us that we're supposed to help the least of these, and that's the people who we go to serve. "

To find out more about Eight Days of Hope, or to volunteer for the upcoming trip, visit the organization's website by clicking the attached link.