Elderly Pedestrian Hit Latest

There's a new development in the case of an elderly Meridian woman who was hit by a car. Police are reopening the investigation. Exactly one week ago 81-year-old Pinky Hicks was struck near the intersection of 41st. Avenue and 5th. Street. At the time she was yards away from her house. No charges were filed, however, that could soon change.

This week family members of 81-year-old Pinky Hicks received the news that they've been waiting to hear.

"Tuesday the chief called me and said that they were going to reopen the case you know and everything and bring him (the driver) back in, but that my mom would have to be the one to sign the papers for him to be arrested; I couldn't do it because she was the one who got hit," says Loretta Clay.

Newscenter 11 spoke with Pinkie Hicks via phone. She says that she will definitely file charges against the driver of the vehicle, once officers bring her the necessary paperwork.

"Because my mom feels that he did it on purpose because when she got ready to cross the curb, she says that he speeded up!" says Clay.

"I was just relating to my sister about did they give this guy a drug test or alcohol test and so far they didn't. They haven't done none of that and we're waiting to see was that going on. It's not in the police report," says Hicks' son, Jerry Griffin.

Unlike previously reported, Captain Dean Harper, who is the head of investigations for MPD says the driver's speed can still be determined.

"We have accident re-constructionists on staff who can actually judge by scientific means how fast a vehicle is traveling. We have reopened that investigation just to make sure that everything was as it says."

"The chief was talking about taking it to the grand jury once she signs the papers and we take the next step," says Clay. "So, they need to go ahead on, let mama sign those papers so we can get this ball rolling, because we're not going to let it rest! You're going to do something for my mother!'

The accident happened around 7:30 last Thursday night. Pinkie Hicks family members say that she is expected to remain in the hospital for at least another two weeks.