Elderly Pedestrian Struck By Car

There's a call for action by some after an elderly woman in Meridian was hit by a car. The accident happened around 7:30 Thursday night near the intersection of 41st. Avenue and Fifth Street. Meridian police responded to the wreck, but the driver did not receive a citation. This has left the victim's children outraged.

Jerry Griffin says he's watched in horror from a nearby yard as his mother was struck by a vehicle.

"He was speeding; he was speeding! I was looking right at him when he hit her. Me and a friend of mine were just across the street," says Griffin.

Since he was a child Griffin says his mother has often walked from her home to other places that she wanted to go. He says Thursday evening was no different. When his mother was hit, he says that she was returning home and actually was just yards away from it.

"When she crossed the street, this guy came up and he had two or three people in the car with him and he was speeding," says Griffin. "He was actually speeding and he hit my mother. He put her all on the hood of his car where it smashed his windshield."

As of Friday morning, Griffin and his sister say their mother was still in intensive care at a Meridian hospital, but able to talk.

"My mom says that when she was crossing the street he speeded up. She heard him when he speeded up and my mama is 81-years-old. My mama has a heart condition and everything!" says Loretta Clay.

"The investigation is basically done," says Captain Dean Harper, who is the head of the Investigative Unit for the Meridian Police Department. "Based on the officer's report there was no improper driving by the operator of the motor vehicle."

At this time, Captain Harper says there's nothing else that the police department can do in the case. He says this is based on overall witness accounts of the accident, and the fact that a police officer did not personally witness it nor the driver's speed. He says it's now up to family members of the victim to decide if they want to press traffic violation charges against the driver.

"However, where the lady was crossing is not a marked pedestrian crossing and there were no traffic lights" says Harper. "There were no pedestrian crossing lights. In that situation pedestrians must yield to oncoming traffic."

Meanwhile, the victim's family members say they're not giving up.

"I'm planning to talk to somebody. Somebody's going to get something done!" says Griffin.