Elected Officials Voice Concerns

The City of Meridian, Lauderdale County, and Clarke County all gathered to share with state elected officials what they hope to accomplish next year, and what they need from their state officials to get their needs met.

Dr. George Thomas, City Council President, states, "We're concerned about several things. One thing is giving the citizens of Meridian the right to vote on things that we want inside the city of Meridian, such as the Arts and Entertainment Center, such as the sportsplex. We're concerned about the right of ways on state highways. We have to maintain that; that's an added expense to us."

Roads were also a theme with the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors who want to do some work near the I-20/59 Industrial Park.

Supervisor Joe Norwood, Board President, says, "Well locally, we have some issues dealing with Highway 11/80 and the widening of that route between the Jimmie Rodgers Parkway and the new industrial park. We would like to make a back entrance out of the central industrial park to tie into the Jimmie Rodgers Parkway to relieve some of the traffic from trucks coming back into Highway 19 towards the Bonita Lakes area."

The state delegation believes it can work on many of these issues in Jackson this session.

Representative Greg Snowden, representative of House District 83 and speaker pro tempore, tells us, "I really think most of these things were issues that we were aware of. It's important though for us to hear again the concerns. I know there's concern about the road and bridge monies, the fire truck programs, things that traditionally have been bonded, I tried to make the point, and I believe I did, we probably won't bond for those but we will find ways, we hope, to appropriate for those through other sources."

Clarke County Supervisors shared many of the same concerns as Lauderdale County. The next legislative session will begin on January 8th.