Elected Officials Sworn-In

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There were a few new faces in the group of Lauderdale County elected officials who took the oath of office Monday afternoon.

Tax Assessor James Rainey, District 3 county supervisor, Josh Todd and District 5 supervisor, Kyle Rutledge began their first term.

Of course, the swearing-in process is something every elected county official must go through before being able to serve. It's mandated by the Mississippi Constitution.

Officials said they are ready to move forward in 2012.

"It feels really good," said Todd. "A lot of hard work has gone into this, and you know, to finally be here is a good thing. It's great for us and for my family."

"It was a long road," said Rutledge. "We're here and it's exciting to work for the people of Lauderdale County in District 5."

Both supervisors said they've already been working in recent weeks to prepare for their new positions. Each attended a work session last week.

Rutledge and Todd both said they expect to be busy their first few weeks in office, as they help launch a new year for the board of supervisors.

"That's something we're going to have to deal with right off the bat," said Todd of the issue of the juvenile center. "We're wanting to build ball fields, figure out a way to pay for that and to get that ball rolling."

"I want to try to get jobs here in Lauderdale County," said Rutledge. "You know, that's my big focus. That's what I ran my campaign on, is trying to get people here. So, more jobs for the people of Lauderdale County. I think that's the biggest point, and trying to save the taxpayers money. I think that's important also."