Election Commission Certifies Patton to Run

The Meridian Election Commission met Monday and made a decision about a disputed candidate for mayor.

Three Democrats had filed a challenge against independent, Walter Patton.

Melba Clark, John Flowers, and Stephen Wilson had claimed that some of the people who signed Patton's petition to run did not know what they were doing.

But the election commission unanimously decided Monday that Patton met the qualifications to run. But Patton says he has been called a liar and has been damaged by this process.

"The Democratic Party and the three people signed it, I hope they have good attorneys because I'm coming after them. I'm not going to let this lie down," said Patton. "Even though the election commission did pass it, they have dragged me through the mud and now I think I'm going to fight it just a bit harder."

"I'm disappointed but not surprised," said Wilson. "The commission is appointed by the mayor. This man's stated intent is to help the mayor get elected by pulling votes from Mr. Bland. So I'm disappointed but not surprised."

Wilson referred to Democratic candidate for mayor, Percy Bland.

Wilson said he and other Democrats will weigh their options and decide whether or not to appeal the election commission's decision.

Patton will be on the June 4 general election ballot, along with independent Wally Hudnall and the winners of the Republican and Democrat primaries.

Bland and Rod Amos are seeking the Democratic nomination. Mayor Cheri Barry and Williams Bond Compton, Jr. are running in the Republican Primary.
The primaries are May 7.