Election Commissioners Prepare for 2014 Elections

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Philadelphia, Miss. Election commissioners from our area and around the state of Mississippi are gathered in Philadelphia to prepare for the upcoming elections.

The Mississippi Secretary of State's office and Attorney General's Office are both on hand at the Silverstar Convention Center to make sure election commissioners from our area and around the state are good shape for both the primary and general elections. Of course, the big topic of discussion is the state's new Voter ID law.

"That will be in effect for the June primaries," Lauderdale County Election Commissioner Jeff Tate says. "It's important that all voters know that they have a photo ID with them. The secretary of state has told us that as long as that ID has been issued within the past ten years, whether it's expired or not, it will be accepted."

On a more local level, some counties in our area are in the process of making precinct changes. Tate tells Newscenter 11 there are some additional legal steps that must be taken before the changes are official in Lauderdale county, but says voters will be notified when those changes are implemented.

"We want to avoid confusion," Tate adds. "We certainly don't like making precinct changes, but to have all of our precincts handicapped accessible, we did have to make some changes. And the consolidation of precincts will lessen the tax burden on the voters of Lauderdale County."

Next door in Newton County, circuit clerk Mike Butler says some precincts there have closed and therefore, new voter registration cards have been mailed out. He says the registration cards should not be confused with voter ID's.

"If any precinct changes or any school board changes, all this information will be on their new cards," Butler points out. "They should be receiving that in the mail within the next week."

Once receiving your voter registration card, if you still have questions, you can contact your local circuit clerk.