Election Day Voters' Views

Meridian, Miss. Despite who the winners are in Tuesday's elections, some voters in Meridian are calling for changes to be made.

Potholes are just one issue that voters we talked to want addressed.

"Yeah, I'd like to see the roads worked on before they tear our car up," says Marilyn Potts.

Then there are concerns about: overgrown grass in some areas, finding a solution for water concerns for people in the most recently annexed area, and addressing issues that involve young people.

"Of course, I want something done about the increase in the crime rate, and the drop in our education system as far as the school is concerned," says Derrick Sims.

"The main thing that I'm focusing on is education," says Sabrina Mosley. "I have children of all ages. Everything going on with our teenagers. They just need something to do I think, and I just hope they focus on that because you know our children are our future and I just hope that everything works out."

"Meridian use to be a thriving city. I think that it's time for Meridian to wake up and embrace the city that we use to have," says Sims. "There's great potential here with the youth, even for jobs."

"My biggest concern for whoever is elected is to check on and find out why taxes are higher than anywhere else just about," says O.C. Barham. "I would hope and pray that whoever goes in will address that and that's my main concern."

"I want to see people walking in truth and honesty with harmony; walking in unity and being truthful," says Virginia Garrett.

"I just want progress with people getting along and working together and unity," says Ruth Barham.

"No matter who wins I hope some changes will be made," says Marilyn Potts.