Election Officials Hope for More Voter Participation

Local political party officials are calling all voters to make their voices heard in the municipal elections.

David Stevens of Meridian talked with WTOK news director, John Johnson, for this week's On the Record.

Stevens said there were twists and turns leading up to the 2013 city elections including redistricting and changing polling locations.

Stevens says the most important thing is for Meridian residents to get out and vote, and prove the statistics wrong.

"In the presidential elections we generally have about a 60% turnout, which I don't think is all that great in itself. But it's 60%," said David Stevens, co-chair of the Lauderdale County Republican Party. "The state elections or the county elections then get about a 50% turnout. And the municipal election 40%."

The party primaries are May 7. If necessary, runoffs will be May 21. The general election is June 4.