Electronic Pollbooks Coming

Lauderdale County, Miss. The Lauderdale County Council of Governments met Monday to discuss upcoming plans with the new voter ID laws that will take effect for the June 2014 election.

The big topic of conversation was electronic poll books. These devices would provide great assistance during elections.

Officials say they would help eliminate confusion as to where voters go, and what ballots they should use, all with the swipe of your ID.

Jeff Tate, chairman of the Lauderdale County Election Commission, explained how it would work.

"Another benefit of an electronic poll book, is if a voter accidentally goes to the wrong precinct, this device will tell the voter what precinct to go to and if need be give them turn-by-turn directions," said Tate. "Yes, we will be checking IDs, but this will be a chance for the poll workers to be able to get voters through the lines more quickly, more efficiently."

The system will not be fully implemented county-wide by 2014, but about a dozen precincts will be using the devices.