Embezzlement Investigation

New information is being released about an embezzlement case involving public funds in Kemper County. Last Wednesday the justice court office in DeKalb closed. It's currently being audited by state officials. Sheriff James Moore says whomever is responsible could face two charges.

'We're not exactly sure who all is involved and how much money is missing at this time.'

Sheriff Moore says he first became suspicious because of poor filing practices.

'Because when we would meet for criminal justice court, the court dockets would be a mess; everything would be all messed up. We had an experienced clerk to come in to try and help the two clerks who were working there and a lot of stuff was discovered at that point. After that part was over I received a call from one of the clerks who wanted to talk about some of the things that she knew.'

According to a preliminary investigation, Sheriff Moore says the embezzlement occurred over a three to six month period.

"Well, right now we are looking at two charges; one is for embezzlement and the other is for wire fraud. In talking about wire fraud, we know that things were being mailed to a personal e-mail account, and this dealt with county funds.'

Again, two people work in the justice court office in Kemper county. At this time, Sheriff Moore says it's too early to determine who will face charges.

'If it was both of them, we'll deal with that; if it was one of them, we'll deal with that too.'

Once officials from the state auditor's office finish the audit, Sheriff Moore says the office will likely reopen. He says that could happen later this week.