Emerson Running for City Council

Another candidate has thrown his hat into the ring for Meridian City Council, creating another crowded race.

Albert Emerson announced Monday at Bonita Lakes Park that he's running for the Ward 5 seat, currently held by Republican Bobby Smith.

Emerson, a fire investigator and a Democrat, says he's running simply because the city needs new blood.

"I'm running because the city of Meridian needs a change; we need a new direction," Emerson said. "I've heard a great definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. We've done the same thing for so many years. Meridian is a jewel in the south. If we don't make some changes, we will no longer be a jewel."

Emerson is the fourth person to announce his intentions to run in Ward 5.

Emerson and former councilman, John C. Harris, meet in the Democratic Primary. Smith faces fellow Republican Randy Hammon the GOP Primary.