Enterprise Celebrates Success

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Enterprise Schools scored an 'A' on state school ratings last year, the third year in a row for the district. The district was honored by the Mississippi Department of Education Tuesday.

The excitement in the air had the feel of an athletic contest. But students and teachers in Enterprise were instead celebrating academic achievement.

It's one of only three districts in the state to reach the 'A' level in state accountability ratings. Enterprise officials say the secret to their success is simple.

"You take children who have great potential, you surround them by teachers who love and care about them and respect them," said Rita Windham, superintendent. "You involve the community. You have parent support. And you have a dash of 'no excuses.'"

State education officials say Enterprise sets the example for the rest of the state, showing other districts how things can be done.

"That's a great accomplishment," said state superintendent, Dr. Lynn House. "It requires a great deal of commitment and work on the part of everyone including the community, and all of the parents and students and educators. So this is sort of a beacon for the other districts around the state."

Enterprise is not becoming complacent either. School officials say they know they can do better.

"We're number 2," said Windham. "I want to be number 1."

Both Enterprise middle and high schools were rated Star schools, getting an 'A' on their report cards. The elementary school got a 'B', or high performing, grade.