Extra Patrols Look to Lower Crime

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No robberies or shootings were reported in the city limits the first night after Meridian's mayor announced a new strategy for dealing with crime.

Police cars patrolling the streets will become a very common site in the coming days and weeks, according to Meridian Police. City officials have set aside extra funding that will allow extra officers to patrol the streets.

"Well, just by police presence, that cuts down on crime right there," Captain Dean Harper says. "But also, cutting down on the reaction time to that call is going to help tremendously."

Police tell Newscenter 11 that extra officers will take over patrolling for those officers who are working a crime scene or a wreck. Authorities say not all officers will be in marked cars and that police are hopeful this will put a dent in crime.

"Right now, it's varying where we place these officers and when we have them out there working," Harper explains. "We know from experience that when you begin to develop a habit on our side, the bad guy picks up on that and knows when he can move around and do what he wants to do."

Police say extra patrols will be in place until further notice.