FEMA Approves Millions in Disaster Recovery

Isaac at Gulfport, Miss. (CNN)
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The Federal Emergency Management Agency has approved $11.1 million in grants across Mississippi for damage from Hurricane Isaac.

Spokesman Tim Tyson tells The Mississippi Press that includes more than $9.5 million for housing assistance and $1.6 million for other needs such as personal property, damaged vehicles and medical expenses.

In addition to that, the Small Business Administration has approved $1.4 million in loans, mostly for homes.

Tyson says 20,896 Mississippi residents have registered with FEMA or have asked the agency for help getting in touch with state or other agencies.

He says FEMA's county totals include nearly $3.8 million for Jackson, nearly $2 million for Pearl River, $1.5 million for Harrison, just over $1 million for Hancock and $121,000 for George County.