Fallen Servicemen Honored in Veterans Ceremony

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The Veterans of Foreign Wars hosted a special service to not only honor fallen servicemen, but to bring the community together.

The installation of a ceremony took place for a new VFW in Meridian. Celebrated members in the community were sworn in for their service overseas and in a foreign areas.

"We actually chose Highland Park to be our post home, because we feel this is a broken part of our community in Meridian that needs a little help and a little love," Norman Copeland with the VFW says. "We have alot of young strong black leaders in our post that we want to encourage to be mentors in this community, and hopefully we can serve and create a little bit more peace and harmony in this part of town."

"To be able to pull the communities together,throughout the city, makes it for a great day," Leon Leflore with NAS Meridian say. "And to be able to get the visibility that were getting and let folks know that we are out here to help is a wonderful day."

The sacrifices that were made by the combat veterans are the only one's eligible for this organization and were earned thru blood, sweat, and tears. Sergeant Robert Shane Pugh was with the United States Army and received the silver star for his heroism in saving platoon members. He passed away after saving first class Ellis Martin.

"We realize how important it is to have members in the VFW, and good viable and hard working post, and continue the work of helping, to honor the dead by helping the living," according to post department commander BJ Lott.

Members will take their oath of obligation for the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America and post officers will be installed to their positions.

For more information, you can contact VFW post number 12124 at 601-282-5866.