Families Celebrate Day at Meridian's Highland Park

Meridian, Mississippi July 4th is a big celebration for many area residents. It's a chance to get together with family and friends. The Thomas family was no exception. Family members met at Meridian's Highland Park to enjoy the perfect weather, barbecue, and to visit with one another. Sandra Thomas says it's a tradition that means a lot to her.
"It means that I can be free to do what i want to do on this day," Thomas said. "I like taking off work, from all the hassles and things that go on at work. We all need a day of rest and just to enjoy the freedom that our forefathers have given us the liberty to do."
Thomas says they had a big feast. She also says she insists on doing the grilling, rather than her husband, because she has a particular way of organizing all the food on the grill!