Families Still Searching for Answers After Tragic Fire

Eight families are struggling to pick up the pieces after a devastating fire at Western Gardens shook their world.

"Really, I hadn't had no sleep. It's just scary," Jacquelyn Leggett says. "You can close your eyes, you can't do nothing but see a fire. You're just sitting in your house, you have to run. It's just scary to me."

That fire took their homes, along with most, if not all, of those families' possessions. The Meridian Housing Authority says none of these families had rental insurance, which makes the loss even harder.

"I lost my kids' clothes, I lost my clothes, I lost my furniture, TVs, everything," Keiana Lee says. "I'm starting all over."

"Everything I ever wanted in my life was at my house with me and my girls," Leggett adds. "Everything."

In the meantime, the Meridian Housing Authority is helping these residents to recover. MHA is providing food, clothing and other basic necessities for these victims. The families are either staying in hotels or with family members, and they say they're thankful for support from MHA and the community.

"It's very depressing, but we have to just continue to move forward in our efforts to move our residents forward," MHA executive director Ronald Turner says.

MHA is holding a fish fry fundraiser to raise money for these victims Friday from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. And you can donate to Trustmark Banks in the city. All money will be divided among these families.