Family Arrested

For 25 years John and Tina Seals lived in the Springhill Community just outside Union. Three months ago they moved. They say it was a move prompted by 'bad blood' with their next door neighbors.

'He's always shooting at us. He shoots at my mother when she's passing by,' says Tina Seals. 'He's always shooting at us!'

Seals says that was the case around 6 PM two days ago when she and her husband left her mother's house. The couple contends that gunshots were fired at their car as they drove by their former neighbor's house.

'I didn't know what was going on,' says John Seals. 'I heard something hitting the side of the car.'

'We passed up through here with shots firing out. I didn't know what was going on,' says Tina Seals.

When the shooting stopped, the couple's entire back window was shattered.

According to Newton County Sheriff Jackie Knight, the damage was caused by a BB gun.

'I thank the Lord that we're still here because he very well could have shot us because he has a scope on that gun,' says Tina Seals.

The neighbors accused in the shooting moved next door to the Seals four years ago. The couple claims that many mysterious things started happening once their new neighbors arrived. This ranged from: slashed tires, to three of their dogs being shot and killed, two of their other dogs being poisoned, windshields being shot out of two of their other vehicles, and homemade bombs tossed near their property line.

Almost a dozen times the Seals say they've been to court with their now former neighbors. The couple also accuses those neighbors of stealing their mailbox and at times even putting feces in it. Following Wednesday's incident, the Seals say they want one thing!

'I want them to be prosecuted to the fullest because it's only going to get worse if they're not,' says Tina Seals.'

Charged with shooting into an occupied vehicle is 20-year-old Charles Blackledge. His mother, 52-year-old Margie Blackledge, and stepfather, Jerald Ainsworth, are both charged with accessory after the fact. Bond for the three is expected to be set early next week.