Family Holds Community Prayer Service

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The family of a man who's been missing for two years hasn't given up hope on their son. Now they're trying to help others who are searching for loved ones.

Tadarius Jones's family held a community prayer service Saturday evening in downtown Meridian's Dumont Plaza to pray for and remember victims and their families. Everyone who is searching for someone or who has a loved one who is a victim was invited to bring their loved ones' pictures for a table featured at the event. They tell us how we can help out.

"We all need support, where we all can get together and talk and someone can know what you're going through," said Vickie Williams, one of the supporters at the event. "To have that support from everyone is great."

The Jones family kicked off the event by giving away toys to local children. They plan to continue the idea and move forward with more services in the future.