Family Hopes for Answers in Jasper County Killing

Investigators say the incident happened overnight July 14-15 at the victim's house just outside Heidelberg. 26-year-old Maurice McDonald was discovered by loved ones Friday morning. They say he was shot as he slept.

For 62 years, Albert Jones has lived in a quiet community just five miles outside Heidelberg, and he says this type of thing has never happened in his neighborhood.

"My son wasn't bothering anyone; he was at his home," said Linda M. McGruder, Maurice McDonald's mother.

McGruder says she thinks her son was killed by someone who knew him.

"Somebody went in my house; they knew my house," said McGruder. "Somebody he had probably let in there and broke bread with them just like Jesus did. It was more than one. My son weighed 300 something pounds."

McGruder says she feels the motive was money.

"Ain't nobody did this but a bunch of young folks," said McGruder. "They just want to take from one another. They thought my son had something. He ain't had nothing! Mama just gave him his home. If you 're too lazy and you ain't got money, keep going to the unemployment office. If they get tired of looking at you, somebody's going to hire you. This is uncalled for; my son didn't bother nobody and his mother is not going to stop until I help the police catch you all."

So far, no arrests have been made. Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Jasper County Sheriff's Department at 601-764-2588.