Farmer's Market Ready for Big Weekend

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Meridian, Miss. Earth's Bounty is a well known way of getting fresh produce, but that's only once a month. Did you know that there is a place in Meridian where you can get fresh produce every day, Monday through Saturday?

The Meridian Farmer's Market, located just under the 18th Avenue bridge, is just such a place.

Pamela Boyd, daughter of one of the farmers, says, "We poll people sometimes when they come out here. 'How did you know we were out here?' Everyone knows about Earth's Bounty but they don't know that these guys are out here every day, Monday through Saturday, from 7 to 1."

Boyd is organizing a special event for this weekend, a special Memorial Day weekend sale. The theme is Memorial Day, with special offers for veterans.

"There will be coupons for vets and regular citizens, but the vets will get a free produce off of any of the vendors tables," said Boyd. "We are encouraging all vets to come out."

The fun won’t stop this weekend, with plans to continue doing monthly specials from now until November.

"Consistently after this, the third Saturday of every month will be Farmer's Market weekend," says Boyd. "We are going to have a radio station, this weekend happens to be Q101. We are going to have a different station every week; we're giving out free samples of produce and there will be some sort of theme."