Fatal Interstate Crash Kills One, Injures Three

Mississippi Highway Patrol says 23-year-old Howard Lee Adams was traveling with family down Interstate 20, when the SUV he was driving crashed near Russell. Adams was driving the vehicle, eastbound on I-20 with his brother and two young children. Highway Patrol says he swerved off the road and then when he over corrected, the vehicle turned and began to flip.

"The SUV looked like it got sideways on the road somehow and started flipping," Coroner Clayton Cobler says. "There were three people injured. One person was killed. It was an unrestrained driver. "

Cobler says was ejected from the vehicle and died from head trauma. He said he believes the SUV's other occupants were buckled up.

"They must have been or they probably would have been thrown out also. But I checked to make sure and there was no belt mark where the belt would have caught and then broke, so he didn't have it on," the coroner says.

That likely protected the rest of the passengers during the crash; the others only sustained minor injuries.

"The other occupants, including the puppy dog, were all O.K. Just minor injuries and shook up," Cobler says.

Animal Control in Meridian took care of the dog until the family was able to retrieve her.