Fatal Wrecks Cause of Concern for Law Enforcement

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Clarke County, Miss. A tragic wreck Thursday on Highway 45 in Clarke County near DeSoto claimed the lives of John and Mary Stephens of Waynesboro.

That stretch of Highway 45 has been the scene of several accidents that resulted in the deaths of 12 people in a 3-year period.

It's a major concern for local law enforcement.

Thursday's wreck happened around 12 noon when an 18-wheeler rear-ended a pickup truck and pushed the truck into a car.

Sheriff Todd Kemp says it caused the pick-up, in which the Stephens' were traveling, to catch fire.

This isn't the first fatal wreck to occur on this stretch of highway. Kemp says this is the 5th death since July 2013.

The portion of highway in question wouldn't appear to be dangerous. It's a straight 4-lane and has low traffic. Sheriff Kemp has a theory.

"Is it human error? Is it driver error? I think so, in my opinion," said Kemp. "After doing this for almost thirty years, that's what I believe."

If it is in fact human error, Kemp says then it's up to each of us to bring it to an end.

"Back in the 70s, the department of public safety put out 'Watch Out for the Other Guy'. We have to get back to that; we have to watch out for the other guy," Kemp said. "We have to drive defensively. We have to watch what we're doing at all times. We have to be alert and conscious at all times."