Father's Day Event Draws Large Crowd

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Meridian, Miss. There was a big crowd in Meridian on Sunday afternoon for an event aimed at honoring fathers across our area.

People were scattered throughout Velma Young Park between 2:00 and 6:00 on Sunday afternoon. People enjoyed games, music, food, and time with dad. Organizer James Carter says while the event honored fathers, it was also a chance to show young people that they are loved.

"The Carter Foundation, our goal is to reach the kids," Carter explains. "If it's one by one, block by block, we want to teach them how to be more responsible men. And we want to set a better example out here in society. You know and take the labor off the way that they view some of these children. Cause not all these children hopeless, we just want to give them hope."

Carter says the bounce houses used during the event were provided by Jermaine Owens who traveled here from the Atlanta area.