Feds Seeking More Information about Redistricting

The city of Meridian is being asked to provide more information about its redistricting plan than it can legally do so.

Ward 1 city councilman, Dr. George Thomas, told fellow members of the Council of Governments
about additional questions raised by the feds.

A hired consultant, who communicates with the Justice Department, wants to know about any letters or calls the city has had about the new redistricting plan, as well as the race of people who have voted in past elections. Thomas says that's a violation of federal law.

"The problem is people are supposed to start qualifying for election to city offices in January," said Thomas. "When this information is provided to the Justice Department, they have another 60 days that they can look at this information before they give us a feedback. If it's approved then we're looking at probably the end of February at the earliest before we know if the redistricting has been approved."

Thomas says the delay in approving the 2010 redistricting could potentially delay municipal elections in 2013.