Female Gang Fight Concerns

Meridian, Miss. There's a call for action to end a growing number of fights that are taking place near some Meridian housing areas. Some concerned citizens, who live in East Meridian near Velma Young Park and Saint Francis Apartments, say that the fights have gotten out of hand. One resident is now talking to Newscenter 11 on camera about the problem.

"They're gang members, that's all it is! They're gang members."

Mattie Collins is talking about the people who are taking part in many fights in East Meridian that are now being posted on the internet. Although the complex where she lives makes it clear that loitering or trespassing on the property is not allowed, she says many of the people involved in these fights do it anyway.

"Na, they don't live there! When the fights take off, they always be people who don't even live here. How are you going to call a group of people, 75 to 100 people to block traffic to fight in somebody else's neighborhood? They appear to be organized because they wait on that camera. When those cameras start clicking the fight is on."

We found four postings of the fights that Collins is talking about on Facebook. All of those were posted last week. We were able to confirm that at least three of those fights happened at different times. All of the fights involved females.

"They are females with nothing better to do. 'Young parents' as they say because they have kids too. Most of'em have kids!"

According to Collins, most of the people involved in these fights range from 15 to possibly 23 or 24-years-old. Although police do respond to these areas when called about the fights, Collins contends that little is ever done to actually solve the problem. Therefore, she says the fights continue and in some cases get worse.

"You know what makes it so bad is that it's pretty much the same groups, the same groups. I don't know; it's just an ongoing thing. It's out of control though, for real!"