Fiber Optic Capability to Provide Endless Opportunities for Quitman

Quitman, Miss. Quitman is set to be the smallest city in the world to have fiber optic capability city-wide.

Quitman Mayor Eddie Fulton says the fiber optic capability is critical to the success of medicine, schools, and job creation. Mayor Fulton says once the process is complete, there is no where to go but up for the city. Fulton tells Newscenter 11 routing has already been approved for some of the cables.

"They'll run it through on the streets and our streets are now almost filled with people wanting it," Mayor Fulton explains. "And those lines will be set in. Now each house will have a separate line and there will be a box that will come to the outside of the house and that box will give you 1,000 megabits of capability. And right now, the majority of homes in meridian and quitman, you get 6 megabits."

This internet technology is being provided through C-Spire's fiber-to-the-home initiative.