Fiber Optics Has Arrived at Quitman Schools

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Quitman, Miss. Tuesday marks the first day back to school for students in Quitman. However, the kids won’t be returning to the same school they left.

Quitman schools, like the upper elementary campus, have improved and will continue to do so. For the kids, they some were happy just to be back at their school again.

James Kelley, the principal of the upper elementary says, "It has been great. The best comment I heard was one of the students came back and said 'Mr. Kelley, it has been a long summer.' And I’m glad he feels that way, because I think we have a great school and I think students enjoy being here. We had a lot of smiling parents dropping kids off, so it’s a great beginning to the school year."

Some of the improvements already underway at Quitman include something that no other school in Mississippi has.

Tanya Irby, the assistant principal, says, "Quitman Upper Elementary has been chosen as the first school in the state of Mississippi to receive a grant partnered with the Phil Hardin Foundation to get the Ben Carson Reading Room."

The reading room isn't the only first for a Mississippi school. Quitman Upper Elementary is now equipped with the new high speed fiber optic Internet.

"The school is using 200 megabytes a second. They can expand that to one gig at any time, but that was the recommendation that was given," says Mayor Eddie Fulton.

So just how powerful is this Internet that C-Spire has been boasting about?

"You just witnessed that you can download and stream 3 videos, high definition videos, at the same time. I can assure you on my home TV I couldn’t do that. I couldn't do that on my televisions at home without this one gig fiber."

That was three HD videos stream at only 200mbs, not even the full one gig.