Fighting Off Holiday Season Crime

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There are some methods you can use to fight off those who are stalking and looking for the right moment to steal from you.

Unfortunately, there are individuals in cars and in stores who are watching your every move. Captain Dean Harper with the Meridian Police Department says everyone must be on guard.

"People get a little hostile standing in line, they are trying to get that latest sale," Harper says. "That creates a greater environment for the criminal to sneak in and take their wallet out of their purse."

Harper says to slow down and make sure you lock your vehicle before going in to those places of business.

"Look back through the car window and make sure that if you couldn't put that package in the trunk, that you at least cover it with something." he adds. "If you leave something in plain view out in your car, there's a good chance when you come back its not going to be there."

Harper says criminals are watching the parking lots while the shoppers are inside.

If you spot any suspicious activity, call Meridian Police at 601-485-1893. In emergency cases, call 911.