Film Aims to Curb Bullying

Bullying is something we all have, are, or will go through, and the makers of the film "Big Boys Don't Cry" want to stop the cycle by showing not just bullying, but how kids respond to bullying.

Tyrell Smith, an actor in the movie, describes some of the plot. "A kid bullying one kid because they're scared of this bully, so they act like they're friends with the bully, and they bully another kid cause they act like they're friends, and another kid coming to a new school and being a bully."

The bullying that takes place in the film all starts in the home.

Brandon Davis, executive producer of the film, gives some of the background of the main character. "Rasheen has an abusive father, so the frustration of what goes on with him and his father causes him to go into the school and bully other kids. The kid that's being bullied, he turns around, he's stealing money from his mother; he's mean to his little sister; so like I said, it shows a domino effect type pattern."

Even though the film is not yet out to retailers, screenings of the film have produced powerful impacts in the lives of those who've watched it.

"We were in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and we had someone who had went to jail, and he had just got out maybe two days prior to seeing the movie. He saw the movie, broke down in tears, and called one of the guys he was locked up with and apologized because he bullied the guy. That's what got both of them in jail," Davis recalls.

The movie will be released in stores this December.