Fireworks Safety

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The New Year's holiday is one of the most popular for fireworks usage. But since they are explosive by nature, safety is a major concern. Thousands are injured every year due to mishandling of fireworks.

"If they'll read and follow all the directions on the fireworks, a lot of times, you know, one of the most important things is if they'll wait until dark. The wind dies down. It's a lot safer," said Greg Chatham of Greg's Fireworks.

Should you run into trouble while using fireworks, here are a few tips to help resolve the situation before it gets worse.

"Always have a water source handy and never assume something is out," said Chatham. "Never try and relight a firework."

Fire Marshal Jason Collier has this reminder for Meridian residents as well as some useful tips for staying safe.

"The first thing you need to know about fireworks is that they are illegal in the city of Meridian," said Collier. "You cannot buy them, sell them, or use them in the city. If you live in the county, use some common sense. Buy good fireworks. Don't buy homemade. Don't make homemade. Don't let children use fireworks."

Some other important things to remember when using fireworks: Never use them indoors, never aim them at a house, person, or vehicle, never use them in a vehicle.

Collier says it's important to know what fireworks are going to do before you light the fuse.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission says there were six deaths due to fireworks injuries last year and almost 9,000 injuries that required E.R. visits. About 15 percent of those were admitted to the hospital.