Fitness Contest Challenges Marines, Firefighters

Lauderdale County, Miss. U.S. Marines and fire department personnel enjoyed a little friendly competition Friday. It was held at the training facility on Sandflat Road.

Marines and firefighters from NAS Meridian and the city of Meridian competed in rigorous physical challenges.

Each team had 3 competitors who took part in 3 events.
The points were totaled and the top 2 teams settled the winner with tug of war.

Meridian Fire Department had a 1-point lead over the Marines going into tug of war, but the Marines wouldn't be denied and finished strong with a win.

"First was the pistol range. The second was maneuver under fire event, which I just completed," said Marine CPL Andrew Chiscul. "The next one is the fire departments' competition and the last one is tug of war."

The Marines will receive their trophy for winning the challenge at the Veterans Day Parade Nov. 11.