Flooding Impacts Many After Weekend Rain

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Newton, Miss. Water as far as the eye can see, this is the sight that people woke up to after a weekend of heavy rain that dumped excessive amounts of rain. With locations reporting anywhere from 5 to 6 inches, water had nowhere to go but collect over roads and flood rivers and lakes. Potterchitto Creek just North of Newton overflowed it's banks and caused early morning trouble for one business, as well as creating temporary ponds on the side of roads.

"We were very lucky, one business I know that was flooded," said Newton Mayor David Carr. "I think they are in pretty good shape right now. Our lagoon and lift stations are okay when we rode the roads today."

The Potterchitto Creek runs just north of I-20 in Newton where Riser Creek flows into it. The two merged creeks continue to travel South of I-20 where it runs into Highway 80 where serious flooding was occuring. One woman attempted to drive through the flooded areas when her car stalled and quit and had to call for help. It's excessive amounts of rain that cause flooding and that's exactly what happened as more than a months worth of rainfall fail in two days.

Mayor David Carr says it's always important to stay cautious when approaching floods.

"You just got to err on the side of caution," said Carr. "You just tell people when it's water you don't know how deep it is. If you try to go through there, unless you are in some kind of four wheel drive vehicle, you are in a lot of trouble"

The most important thing to remember if you approach a flooded roadway is the phrase turn around don't drown.