Flooding Still an Issue for Clarke County

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Shubuta, Miss. It's been several days since rain dumped well over 6 inches of rain in area lakes and rivers. With most rivers back in their banks, some communities are still dealing with flood waters. The Town of Shubuta in Southern Clarke County still has inaccessible roads as the river closes in on its peak. Clarke County EMA Director Eddie Ivy says the river is trying to peak which is good news.

"Certainly we hope we can get a crest today and get the water to start falling before we get some additional rain on Monday," said Ivy. "The more we get out of here the better our chances are that we aren't going to have a repeat problem. What we really want to do is go ahead and get some of that water out of here so we can be ready to deal with it next week."

Although no houses have been damaged by the floods, the waters have reached pretty high levels in some backyards, prompting one resident to stop repairs on her home.

"Well I have a trailer up here and we're repairing it and my sister lives right beside me and it got her trailer," said Resident Patricia Walley. "You know, we're use to it because it comes all the time. There isn't anything we can do but pray that it doesn't get any worse."

And prayers are what the community of Shubuta is asking for.

"I just ask for everyone to pray for the Shubuta area, the Quitman area and whoever is in it, that it doesn't get any worse," said Walley.

With some areas already seeing some waters receding, some roadways are still completely covered and the Mayor of Shubuta says caution is necessary.

"The thing to do, is don't ride through it because you don't know if the street has caved in up under it. It's just best to be safe that way," said Mayor Richard Carter.

In essence, when approaching flooded roadways, The National Weather Service says turn around don't drown.