Flu Shots Recommended

Although flu vaccinations are available at some private healthcare providers, they are not yet at state health department offices.

District health officer, Dr. Rebecca James, with the Mississippi Department of Health says hopefully the vaccinations will be available at public offices by the end of October.

Although the peak period for flu season is from January to March, James is advising people to get the flu shot within the next month.

"It does take a while to take effect," said James. "It takes about 10 days to 2 weeks to build up the immunity."

When it comes to the flu virus, some people may not realize that it can be spread by touching your eye.

"That's why you don't have tears running down your cheek all day because your tears, as they are produced during the day to keep your eyes moist, go down those little ducts and into the back of your throat. So, that's also a possible way to contract the virus," said James.

Other ways to limit the spread of the virus include covering your cough.

"Cough into your sleeves," said Dr. James.

Also, frequently wash your hands.

Senior citizens, people who care for very young children and those who suffer from chronic illnesses are strongly advised to get the flu shot.