Food Network Shooting Show in Meridian

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Out of numerous cities, Meridian has been chosen by The Food Network to be the star of one episode of its new show "Food Court Wars." The Pilot has already been taped in Huntsville, Alabama, with more episodes set to be shot in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Midland, Michigan, Burnsville, Minnesota, and Wausau, Wisconsin. Filming will begin next week and Bonita Lakes Mall General Manager Renee Williams is encouraging everyone to come out and participate.

"We anticipate that this is going to be a huge traffic generator and a fun event to come out to participate in and watch."

Patsy Pickard and Bobbie Ray are part of a group that meet at the mall 6 mornings a week. While they like what choices they have, they feel that the food court needs expansion, and this show will provide the perfect opportunity for that.

"It's a pretty good selection, but we do need a place with hamburgers."

"Us here, we like hamburgers and we like the chicken. Of course the pizza's really good, so it would just be really nice."

"Maybe another chicken place."

While The Food Network is not accepting any more applications for contestants, they do need people to star as extras and taste the food during a 3 day long event next week.

"Anybody can go to our website,, click on events, and the information we have as far as what will take place next week will be on there."

If you would like to participate, you need to register by e-mailing