Football Fans Gather to Watch Egg and Iron Bowls

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Football fans across our area spent Saturday parked in front of the TV, cheering on their team.

Fans showed up to Buffalo Wild Wings to support their favorite college teams. Fans of Alabama and Auburn kicked off at 2:30 and Mississippi state and Ole Miss followed. Fans were not afraid to say what was really on their minds.

"Not much smack to talk," Auburn fan Adam Boyette said. "I mean this year has been a rough year, but you never know with the Iron Bowl. It's always a chance that we might pull it out."

"There's no doubt who is gonna win being thirty five point advantage," Johnny Pippins from Louisiana said. "Stranger things have happened."

Tony Clay had tears in his eyes at his watched the Iron Bowl.

"Ah, these hot wings are really gettin to me," Clay said. "These are awful hot, if you like these that are hot stuff. These are drawing out all of the water."

The restaurant always looks forward to the crowds that the Egg Bowl and Iron Bowl bring each year.