Forestry Officials Concerned about Conditions

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Experts say Lauderdale County residents should be aware of dry conditions due to the humidity being so low. Windy conditions can also pose a concern when you are burning.

"With the recent abundance of rainfall a lot of people get a false sense of security, but it doesn't take but a few days with this twenty, thirty mile-an-hour wind and fronts coming through, the humidity drops," said Greg Chatham of the Mississippi Forestry Commission. "You get the humidity in the 20s, fifteen, twenty mile-an-hour wind. Deep down there is still a lot of moisture,but the top dries so quick."

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to burn, Chatham says it is extremely important to have the proper resources on hand in order to be able to keep the fire under control.

"Make sure if you are going to do any outdoor burning that you've got a water source handy, a water hose, buckets of water," Chatham said. "Make sure you clear around the area that you're going to burn. And something a lot of the people don't take into account, make sure you take time to complete what you start. Make sure you are not rushed. You've got to make time to be there with your fire, and make sure your fire is out."

Chatham says he's very appreciative of volunteer fire departments who are always ready to help those impacted by a fire, but is always concerned for their safety as well.

"You know our volunteer fire services; these men and women have jobs and they've got kids that have things going on and we want to keep them safe too," said Chatham. "They are having to leave what they are doing. We are very blessed in Lauderdale County, a lot of volunteers, and we want to keep everybody safe."

If you have any questions about burning, you may call the Mississippi Forestry Commission at 601-359-1386.