Forum on School Reform

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A Forum on School Reform held Monday night addressed several issues pertaining to education that are being considered in the Mississippi State Legislature. The Mississippi Parents Campaign discussed some of those initiatives that include school vouchers, charter schools, and other education bills that died in the House and Senate last year.

Nancy Loome with Mississippi Parents Campaign says that, "People are very interested in seeing that good schools stay strong and that low performing schools improve. There was a lot of conversation in the last legislative session, and we expect a lot of talk in the coming legislative session."

One Lauderdale County school teacher, Karen Rhodes, is interested about funding in the upcoming legislative session, but she's also concerned about a specific issue that affects some of her students.

"The other thing I'm interested in is what they're going to be talking about in regards to the dyslexia law and any changes to that."

With such a large military presence in East Mississippi, those families face a different set of challenges to ensure a good public school education for their children.

"The biggest challenge that our military families face is just the whole transition process of getting their children settled into a new school environment and then making sure that those children have access to all of the opportunities that children who are mainstays of the district have," says NAS School Liaison Cynthia McDonald.

Chantelle Herchenhahn, a graduate of the Parent Leadership Institute, believes that by getting the conversation started, they can make a change in the state's public schools.

"What we hope to accomplish over time is to have lots of parents who are trained and have this knowledge that can work together in the school districts to improve the school districts."

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