Four Arrested, Two at Large After Major Burglary

The Clarke County Sheriff's Department has so far arrested four individuals in connection with a stolen truck and is now searching for two others.

But this isn't just your average auto-burglary. The truck was taken from Johnston Sand & Gravel Aug. 5 in Vossburg. Officials say it was a drill truck - used to drill cores into gravel pits - valued at about $150,000.

"Very unique type case that we worked here," Sheriff Todd Kemp says. "I think they really didn't know how expensive a piece of equipment this was that they were trying to steal."

Sheriff Kemp says the individuals dismantled the truck and separated it from its drill portion to sell it individually. The investigation led deputies into Wayne County, Jones County and Jasper County, but investigators later found the pieces.

"I think they were going to try to sell the whole thing, but there was not a big market for this particular type of implement that was on the truck, so they chose to try to cut the body off the truck and then sell the truck by itself," Sheriff Kemp explains.

The drill implement was discovered in a pine plantation cut-over in Wayne County. The truck was found with two individuals at a truck stop in Heidelberg. Those individuals were arrested, along with two others. James Brady, John Stevens and Ricky Counts, Jr., have been charged with receiving stolen property. A fourth woman was brought in, but has not officially been charged yet. Two more suspects are at large: Richard Busby and Michael Nix.

"They are the ones that actually stole the truck according to information by investigators," the sheriff says.

The sheriff's department is asking for your help in tracking down Busby and Nix.