Frank Berry Courts Reopens

A renovation is complete for a local housing project that had fallen on hard times. Meridian's Frank Berry Courts has undergone a makeover.

The new complex adds freshness to a community that was long overdue for a face-lift.

"The revitalization of Frank Berry Courts breathes new life into this community. This community had got to the point where it was very desolate, residents were moving, and the revitalization of it breathed new life into this community," said Ronald Turner, Sr., executive director of Meridian Housing Authority. "We're just so happy that this initiative has been a successful initiative."

"The revitalization of Frank Berry Courts shows the strength of this community," said Mayor Cheri Barry. "To have all of our community partners together under one umbrella, working towards the quality of life for the citizens of meridian is unbelievable."

Now that the housing development is open, it is left in the hands of the residents to make it truly a community.

"The key to this is resident involvement. We're asking that our residents get involved in every phase of this operation," said Turner. "We've got community supportive services for our residents. We've partnered with the school district, and it's a community partnership that's going to be important in keeping this community together."

This project is just one way officials say all of Meridian is revitalized together.

"I think that when the community sees all the partners working together, it brings economic development," said Barry. "It shows that we're all on the same page; it shows us working together. It shows we want a strong Meridian and we want to build Meridian to the way she should be."

Frank Berry Courts was originally built back in 1939. The rebuild cost about $8.5 million. The money was provided through the federal stimulus program.

The revitalized Frank Berry Courts
Frank Berry Courts, prior to the renovation