Friends, Family "Lace Up for Ledger"

Newton County, Mississippi Friends and family of a local child born prematurely braved the heat this weekend to help during a time of need. The premature birth led to numerous trips to the hospital, resulting in numerous bills.

Ledger Moseley's due date was June 25th. However, July 4th will mark three weeks since his birth. He was born at just 28 weeks.

"My water broke at 25 weeks, so I was in the hospital for almost a month before I had him," Scarlett Monsour recalls. "Then I had him, and he was in I.N.C.U. We brought him home and a week and a half later, thank the lord, they sent us home with a heart apnea monitor. He quit breathing on me, and I had to perform CPR on him, me and his daddy."

Ledger's parents were able to revive their baby boy, and after nine similar episodes and some extensive research at Blair Batson, the doctors were able to treat his conditions. When friends and family saw what this premature was going through, they immediately reached out to help with a softball tournament benefit in Ledger's honor.

"It's heartwarming for me to see, you know, people coming together for my baby boy, who's so tiny," Monsour says. "He was two pounds, 13 ounces when he was born, so it's been overwhelming. I'm almost speechless because of the support and love that he's gotten."

"Laced up for Ledger" had a huge turnout, with benefit raffles, face painting, and of course, a little softball. Mom and dad are thankful their boy is okay, and they are encouraging all new parents to learn CPR.

"It is super important, super important," Monsour stresses. "If I hadn't have done that, we would be at a memorial rather than a benefit."

Doctors say Ledger should be able to outgrow his health problems, and fully recover with time.

If you'd like the help Ledger, an account is set up at Citizens National Bank, under "Prayer's for Ledger." Ledger is the nephew of WTOK-TV chief photographer Christian Monsour.